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To celebrate #internationalwomansday we want to share with you just some of the women that inspire us every single day. 

Sophie Amoruso

The BOSS BABE behind best selling book #GIRLBOSS and online retail Nasty Gal. 

Sophia Amoruso is many things: an independent businesswoman, author of a bestselling book and subject of a new Netflix series, which tells her rags-to-riches story and details a rise to fame that descended downhill. So, who is the woman behind the headlines?

As a child, she showed an entrepreneurial instinct, serving as "president" of her Sacramento street's lemonade-and-abalone craft stand in the mid-1990s. After working an array of odd jobsthat included Subway, a dry cleaners and a gardener, Amoruso began selling vintage clothing on eBay, doing roughly $115,000 in sales and netting $20,000 after a year and a half. 

Nasty Gal, an e-commerce site for vintage fashion, was launched immediately after Amoruso was kicked off eBay in June 2008 after arguing with rival sellers and facing accusations of shill bidding, which she denied. Through word of mouth and social media, the from-scratch site's popularity and income grew rapidly, as did Amoruso's reputation as a trend-setter and tastemaker — which led to her being heralded as "fashion's new phenom" by Forbes.

Kylie Jenner 

Ok, if we look at the bigger picture here, she really has done well for herself. She built an empire on her passion.

With a multi-million dollar beauty label and dozens of brand partnerships under her belt, Kylie Jenner is rapidly emerging as the most entrepreneurial member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

It was revealed that Kylie Cosmetics – of which she is the chief executive officer, chief marketing officer and chief creative officer – has generated sales of over $420 million in the past 18 months. To put that in perspective: it reportedly took Tom Ford Beauty a decade to hit the $500 million revenue mark. It's estimated that the company will be worth over a billion dollars by 2022.


Keeping it a little more close to home, we couldn't mention GIRL BOSSES without mentioning our Blogger Babe:

Lauren Collins. 

For a student at the very, very beginning of her career Lauren has set her vision and is climbing for those goals!!! At the age of only 19 she has gone out into the world, found opportunities and taken them on with both hands. She writes her own amazing blog in which she is very open and truthful (we love dis), LC has created some amazing content for our brand and that is something we will always be so grateful for. Having recently finished an internship with The Blogger Programme, she has a very big future ahead of her....keep a close eye on this one girls! 

Last but by absolutely, no means least..... 

Lydia Elise Milen. No GIRL BOSS blog would be complete without a mention of this one. 

An exceptional woman with a strong vision for her goals, a passion for her job and a commendable work ethic - she's not one to be messed with. 

What we love most about Lydia is her background and where she came from, everything she has achieved she has worked so incredibly hard for. Watching her grow from her first first years in the blogging world to where she is now is incredible. 

Girls like Lydia get a very hard time and a lot of heartache from people who don't understand her job but as a business who relies so heavily and sees so strongly, the benefits of Influencer engagement - you guys need to give her a break. It's these girls that are our marketing tools and we would be lost without them. 

Keep focused girl, keep your head strong - you are amazing and a MASSIVE inspiration.