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Hello lovelies,
Hope you are all well and had a great week. Without further a do welcome to my weekly blog posts!
I will be interviewing the ultimate girl bosses and Instagram queens to find out the nitty gritty gossip and exclusive tips and tricks! This week we are kicking it off with a bang! The absolute beauty Emma Graceland, with her Pinterest worthy Instagram feed I couldn’t wait to find out more about blogging and her ever-growing wardrobe.
How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I’ve been blogging and Instagramming as a career for about 3 years now. Not a huge amount of time in the blogging world, so I’m still learning new things about it everyday. I started by accident really, I’ve always had an interest in fashion, makeup and photography so naturally fell into it and it’s just grown from there. 
 What’s your most recent purchase?
I managed to get my hands on the Balenciaga Triple S’s in black and pink, which is one of their latest colour ways. They are rather pricey and super hard to get. I hunted them down and went all the way to London in the snow to get them! Bit crazy for a pair of trainers I know but they’re worth it!
Do you think you will be a blogger forever? 
 I really hope so!! With blogging there’s always different age groups and types of people that are your audience, so as I grow older hopefully there will always be people wanting to follow me. I know of a couple bloggers who have had babies and they’ve naturally gone into blogging mother care so I think it is possible to carry on blogging throughout your life. An inspiration of mine is definitely Baddie winkle, she must be in her 70’s/80’s and she’s still working the gram haha! 
What are your top 3 tips for girls that are trying to grow on Instagram? 
I’d say my 3 ways that I’ve found beneficial for me are to connect with your audience you already have, and to work at making your followers engage with you more as the more real comments you get the more people see your posts so that helps to get more exposure to new people. 
Another way is to work with brands but to get them to repost your photos as their followers will see this photo and hopefully click on your account and follow you. This is probably one of the main ways to grow your account, I find it really helps me. 
Connecting with other bloggers can help grow your Instagram. Not just commenting on each other’s photos but taking photos together and both posting that photo and tagging one another. Their followers and your followers will want to know who this other person is in the photo so it benefits you both if you have roughly the same amount of following. 
I hope you enjoyed finding out about the blogger babe Emma Graceland. Be sure to follow her Instagram @emmagraceland for some seriously inspiring content! 
See you next week.
L x