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5 Minutes with @nataliakurda

Happy Easter my lovelies! Spring has finally sprung and I hppe you are enjoying this bank holiday weekend with plenty of Prosecco and chocolate! This week we caught up with the absolute gorgeous, girl boss Natalia Kurda! You may know her as ‘furs by Natalia’ She gives us all the advice for starting your own brand and how to stay on top of social life and business! Giving us that life motivation for Easter Sunday!
Hey Natalia - So tell me a little bit about yourself and your life?
 I am 22 years young, after my second year in University I realised that I didn't like the degree that I picked (Criminology) and instead I worked hard to start something I was always interested in. In the last year of University I worked a retail job and whilst I sat my exams I was already working on my business. I have always been creative and I knew I wanted a fashion based job and that my degree wouldn’t get me there so I had to do it on my own. Three years after, we formed a Limited company with plans to start a different clothing company next year.
What would be your top 3 tips to owning your own business?
You have to be persistent and current, love what you do, focus on your goals only and not someone compare yourself to someone else.
What advice would you give to someone trying to start out a company?
 There is a silent partner to Furs By Natalia, my boyfriend, who is the actual brains of the business and the one with the plan. We discuss everything together, which is really important in any business as there needs to be more than one opinion for everything that we do. He chose the name for the business, takes all the photos for our social media and we design all of the styles of the coats and choose the outfits. We work very efficiently together. 
If you want to start a company by yourself then pick something you will love doing every day and become very good at it. It should not feel like “work”. Be prepared to not get paid or even acknowledged for your work in the beginning. Ignore the negativity that might come your way and be persistent with it. There is absolutely nothing to lose in trying, and if you fail in it, there is always something you can take positively from it.
How do you stay on top of social life and business?
It’s hard to turn off some parts of the Instagram based business because everyone expects a reply of you straight away, I find myself working most of the day and almost everywhere because the business is located in my hand: my phone. There are constant questions to answer, e-mails to reply to, website to update, pack and post the parcels, new colours and styles of coats to photograph and pick outfits for, edit the photos, post on Instagram at certain times. BUT none of it feels like work, so social life and business have kind of become one.
What is your favourite outfit you have worn so far this year?
Definitely my red Teddy Coat with a red suit from Zara and YSL heels. We did a shoot for this coat in a laundrette. Fun fact: this is actually where we dry and wash our clothes haha.
We hope you liked this weeks 5 minutes with! It is always so uplifting listening to girls that started from the bottom in the words of Drake. Have a fabulous Easter and we will see you next week for another chat with a beautiful babe!
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