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5 Minutes with @nadiaanya_

5 Minutes with @nadiaanya_


This week we sat down for 5 Minutes with @nadiaanya_




LBD: So first things first lets get some context. Is Influencing/Blogging your full-time job?

NADIA: I’ve only been blogging for about 8 months – and it’s taken a back seat at the minute as life has been so hectic! I work 9-5 Monday-Friday alongside my Instagram and Blog.. Hopefully in the future it will be my full-time job though – that’s the aim!


LBD: Wow that’s a busy life! #GirlBoss. Obviously, you choose what you post on Instagram do you think your feed is a true reflection of your life?

NADIA: Yeah, I think my feed is a very true reflection of my life – I only post outfit shots really, so whatever I’m wearing that day I’ll snap! I do sometimes put an outfit together mid-week and take an Instagram, but I would still wear that outfit if I was going out on a weekend or during the day provided I’m not working – I never put images up of things I wouldn’t choose to wear myself.



LBD: We cannot get enough of your Instagram, how would you describe your style?

NADIA:  I would describe my style as very simple, with lots of neutrals, blacks, whites and greys. I don’t like anything to ‘fussy’ and I don’t often wear bright colours – unless I’m on holiday with a fab tan! I love interesting pieces though, things with odd hemlines, and awkward lengths, and I adore flatform/platform shoes. I definitely would say my day to day style is simple but dressed up with a good handbag and shoe – can’t go wrong!


LBD: Yes at House of LBD we love Chanel-esque neutrals with a pop of colour. But for a night out what would be your go to outfit?

NADIA: My go to outfit for a night out would definitely be black jeans or leather trousers, a body or simple top, and some killer heels and a designer clutch. Also a good jacket draped over your shoulders just finishes an outfit off so perfectly.


LBD: We love that Kim K jacket trick. Instant glam. What are your 5 key wardrobe can’t live ‘without’s’ for summer 17?

NADIA: I would have to say Midi dresses, Mules, Oversized shirts and definitely tailored co-ords and culottes.


 LBD: With an influencer that has flawless skin 24/7 do you have one top beauty tip?

NADIA: CLEANSE, TONE AND MOISTURISE!! Every single evening, even if you’ve been out all night and all you want to do is sleep, make sure you clean your face first – it’s so so important, and then I use a light cleanser in the morning too! I also use a cleansing facemask once a week, and change your bed sheets at least every two weeks as so many germs collect and cause pimples!


Another amazing 5 minutes with a gorgeous influencer. Every Sunday we will be releasing exclusive looks into our fave huns lives and their top tips with our interviews. So stay tuned! X

 Written by Lauren Collins @laurengcollins