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5 Minute's with @lucyflorals

This Sunday we sat down with Lucy Connelly - street style goddess from Glasgow. She has given us some amazing insights into her daily life as well as inspo for a last-minute night out! (the best kind of nights)
 LBD: Hello lovely, so lets start with the basics. Is Influencing/Blogging your full-time job?
LUCY: It certainly feels like it and although it could be, I still work 2 days each
week to keep my options open. At the moment, I’m a little apprehensive of making the jump to full time, given that the industry is so new. Being based outside of London, which is the focal point of blogging in the UK, also makes things that bit harder.
LBD:  So what is a day in the life of Lucy like?
LUCY: On the days that I blog it can either be very hectic where I’m out doing multiple shoots (getting changed in the car, which is never fun!) and meetings or press events. Or on the other hand I could be at home at my desk all day answering emails, dealing with contracts for upcoming projects and prepping posts and social media. On the days I work in the office I get up early and do emails and social media prep before I go to work. I will usually come home at lunch and do a little more or sometimes I shoot, depending on the weather that week, and then I do it all again in the evening.
“Each day is long but very different, which I love!”
LBD: Sounds very busy!  What would your go-out outfit be for a day at the office and why?
LUCY: I feel like my outfits never really change, because my job is so casual, and ultimately based around clothes/fashion. Everyday of the week you will usually find me in jeans, a blazer and white t-shirt. In the summer, depending on the weather in Glasgow, I will swap the Jeans for denim shorts or an easy summer dress with trainers.
 LBD: Your insta feed is to die for! How would you describe your style?
LUCY: I prefer a ‘less is more’ approach to style and take my inspiration from
all things French. So, I would say my style is mostly casual as I tend to stick to wearing a lot of denim, leather and basics.
 LBD:  What would be your go to outfit for a last-minute night out?
LUCY: As I said I’m usually always casual. So even when I go out it’s either Jeans, a silk cami and my Stuart Weitzman nudist heels or a low-cut Blazer and fitted trousers.
 LBD: Of course we have to ask, what are your 5 key wardrobe can’t live ‘without’s’ for summer 17?
LUCY: My summer staples are always a good pair of denim shorts and a white V-neck tee. This summer I have been drawn to anything with a Deep V neck line, particularly day dresses, paired with a Straw hat and basket bag – you can’t go wrong.
 Tshirt from Vero Moda –    
Stay tuned for more 5 minutes with…. Every Sunday. We will be interviewing different blogger babes and beauties to find out their top tips, an insight into their life and everything fashion!
Written by Lauen Collins @laurengcollins