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5 Minute's with @lgpx

Hey lovelies,
Hope you are all really well and looking forward to Spring as much as we are!! This week we sat down with our favourite Instagram babe, the gorgeous Lillie Prescott, to talk all about the gram! We all spend ages perfecting the lighting, the outfit and the hair to get the best shot. But what is going on lately! Whether you post more naturally or you plan your feed we all know what problems and silent issues we have seen on the gram! Keep reading to find out LBD’s top tips on beating Instagram and find out Lilies advice on posting and growing your following.
How to beat the new Instagram.
  • Use up to 15 hash tags within your post not as a comment. This is the recommended maximum limit that Instagram advises.
  • Make sure you are participating in everything Instagram offers – stories, highlights, posting photos, videos etc…
  • Create consistent content, by sticking to a theme or colour scheme this will keep your feed on brand.
  • Ask your followers questions to keep them engaged and active with your account.
  • Network with other bloggers, getting involved in shout out on stories or helping each other out with likes, engagement and even taking photos. 
This week we are chatting to Lillie about the gram..
Hey Lillie, okay so lets talk all things Instagram, I know you recently adapted your approach to posting on Instagram so how do you choose what to post?
I used to be so picky about what I would post, “Does it go with my theme?” “Is the back ground too busy?” Now I’m so much more relaxed, I edit each photo as I see fit for that photo, not the theme, and I never hold back on posting, if I like a photo, it’s going up! Although I do like the plan my feed on an app called UNUM, because I have a habit of uploading 3 versions of the same image… oops
That’s so refreshing to here! But obviously everyone is different – I am always finding myself absolutely loving the curated feeds because they are so gorgeous to look at! So, what is your advice for people that want to grow their following?
Just be yourself! Don’t try and be something your not. I feel people are less likely to follow that “perfect theme” and “unrealistic lifestyle” feeds, people will follow and essentially buy into you as a person!

Blogging is so saturated now so do you think it has all got boring?
If you think it’s boring you’re doing it wrong! Instagram and Blogging is all about expressing yourself and having a creative output to do that could never get boring!

Isn’t it just so amazing that a platform we all love and use everyday is providing jobs and marketing opportunities for people and brands everywhere! I hope you enjoyed this post and it has taught you a little bit more about the Instagram algorithm! See you next week lovelies and make sure you follow Lillie @lgpx on Instagram!
Lauren @laurengracelifestyle x