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5 Minutes with Chloe Lauren

Hi angels! Hope you are all doing well, hang on in there its so nearly summer, we have so many exciting things here at House of LBD that we cannot wait to share with you (just to make you even more excited for sun) This week we are chatting to the jet setting, cool girl Chloe. One of our favourite style icons on Instagram with the most amazing effortless beach hair! Keep reading to find out her tips on working out and staying motivated!
Hey Chloe! Your job is so cool please could you tell readers your job and how you got into it?
I am footwear buying manager, I always did Art, design & textiles but I really wanted to get into the business side of the industry to so I did a Bsc Hons degree in Fashion Buying. I gradually worked upwards in womenswear, accessories & footwear over the last 8 years & now I’m always in between London, Manchester & China developing & buying footwear!
We are obsessed with your feed on Instagram, do you have a specific way you edit your photos, how?
I use my iPhone or my Olympus camera & just use the Aden filter on instagram! 
You workout a lot, what is your top tips to stay motivated in the gym?
I’m 28 now so living a healthier life is probably becoming more important to me than it was in my early twenties & it’s me time! I think if you look at it as a hobbie& how it makes you feel & not put yourself under pressure it doesn’t become as much as a chore!
What is your typical breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Typical breakfast is always runny eggs, chilli, spinach & tomato’s if I’m at home with a milky coffee. lunch is usually a chicken salad & a cocoa energy ball (I’m obsessed with the deliciously Ella ones!). Dinner..... it really depends (I LOVE FOOD) steak, chicken, fajitas, burger, sushi... it could be anything & I eat out far to much! 

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment?
I would probably say my check duster jacket & matching trousers from H&M, it’s super comfy & you can dress it up or down.... oh and my ugly (but Devine) acne studio trainers.
That’s all for this week lovelies! Make sure you go and follow this absolute goddess @chloexlaurenxx you will not regret it. See you next week for another chat with a beautiful gal! Have an amazing week.