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5 Minutes With @charlotteemilysaunders

LBD: First things first. Is Influencing/Blogging your full-time job?
CHARLOTTE: As of this year yes...I used to work in an office part time but quit about 6 months ago!
LBD: Our team is obsessed with your insta! How would you describe your style?
CHARLOTTE: I ask myself this all the time! I don’t think I have a specific style, I tend to just buy things I like. One day I could be feeling joggers and heels and the next day be feeling a blazer. I would say my style is quite versatile if anything!
LBD: We would love to know, what is a day in the life of Charlotte like?
CHARLOTTE: Really not that exciting unfortunately! I’ll get up, have breakfast and reply to emails etc. then usually shoot my outfit pic/pics go for some food and I tend to go shopping quite a lot too! Sometimes I have blogger events and things like that but a normal day tends to be quite chilled. I’m working on something new at the moment which I can’t say yet but that will start to take up a lot more of my time.
LBD: Oooh that’s so exciting! We can’t wait to find out what that is! What would be your go to outfit for a day of running around the shops?
CHARLOTTE: For someone who hasn't been to the gym probably since last year, I live in gym clothes! They’re just so comfy and still look good, I will usually wear a gym set and then put on some sunglasses.
LBD: We love that athleisure wear look. What was the last thing you bought?
CHARLOTTE: I literally just ordered a pair of shoes online, they’re lace up sandals with a block heel, I needed some shoes that were a bit more dressy but were comfy to wear all day.
 “I really believe, it's not what you wear it's how you wear it, I buy so many of my clothes in sales or from Primark. The way you accessorize an outfit is what makes the outfit, and if you’re on a budget ebay is the best for cheap accessories. You could have a plain Tshirt and leggings on, if you add a chain bag and a pair of oversize sunglasses you’ve made it into a look!”
LBD: You have an amazing clothes collection. What are your 3 favorite items you have in your wardrobe at the moment?
CHARLOTTE: Really difficult question! My biker jacket would definitely be one of them because I wear it so much, I got it from Zara like 6 months ago and just goes with everything, sometimes I wear it over my gym sets sometimes I wear it draped over my shoulders with a more dressy outfit.
Another thing would have to be another jacket I just got from the Zara sale I saw it and put it back down then I met my best friend a few days later and she had it on it looked amazing on her so I had to go back and get it, its army print with tassels on the back and was only £20!
Third thing will have to be my Givenchy Antigona, I wanted one for years and took the plunge recently and got one, it's black and just goes with everything I wear so I’ve been using that a lot.
LBD: Who is your favorite luxury designer?
CHARLOTTE: I would never buy designer clothes but I love accessories and I’m obsessed with bags so my favourite bag designers are Chanel, Givenchy and YSL.
LBD: What foundation do you use?
CHARLOTTE: Smashbox 15 hour foundation, I’ve been using this for about 4 years and still love it. It stays on all day and isn't dry or cakey!
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Written by Lauren Grace Collins  Instagram: @laurengcollins