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5 Minute's With @ameilabarton_x

5 Minutes with @ameliabarton_x
The stylish wifey with interiour, style and all round LIFE GOALS!
 Amelia let's us in on so many style tips as well as sharing who her ideal GIRL GANG would be!
LBD: What does a day in the life of the new Mrs Barton look like?
AMELIA: Very Busy! To answer in one sentence. Between running 2 businesses, being a full time wife, being mum to my two fur babies, and keeping a house clean with a home cooked dinner on the table every night. Plus enabling myself to get back home to Lancashire as much as I can to run my shop. I certainly have my hands full. But I wouldn't change it for the world, and every day is different in one way or another. A normal day however normally consists of the following; I wake up, make the Hubby and doggies their breakfast, and head to the gym for my hours workout in the morning. I then swing by a Starbucks and get my coffee fix for the day, a large skinny latte, with a friend for a catch up or a drive thru to go!
When I get home, I clean up the house, do the washing and make the beds, sort the doggies, and then sit at my desk and get my work load for the day done, I try to get it finished before Adam arrives back from work, so we have the afternoon to do things together, like walking the dogs, watch our favourite programmes or head out on a date day!
I always have dinner on the table for around 6pm prompt (hangry husbands are not fun, and neither are whiny dogs!)
Then I have the night to do whatever needs to be done, which normally includes a long hot bath, and my favourite programmes sometimes with a glass of prosecco in hand!
LBD: WOW! You are wonder woman! So what is your go to outfit?
AMELIA: My go to outfit is always, a pair of skinny jeans or leather pants, with a baggy T, hightop trainers, and a cute blazer or bomber jacket and my fave handbag. I don't think you could ever go wrong, glam yet casual… and you could always chuck in a pair of cute heels in the back seat of the car to add a bit more glam to the outfit later on in the evening.
LBD: SO, that’s your go to outfit, how would you describe your style?
 AMELIA: That is a hard question for me, as I have so many different styles depending on how I'm feeling that day. Some days I dress like a business woman, or I dress very glamorous, some days I dress very street style, some days very casual. However I think one thing they have in common is I always want to be Trendy, I always keep up to date with the latest styles, and try and stay relevant but in my own way, and I always accessorise, for example a pair of pants you've seen somewhere, a completely different way to what it had been seen, to put my own twist on my outfit, and whenever I spot something I've never seen before and love, I'm sure to snap it up!
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LBD: We always struggle to nail the airport style. What would be your tips on slaying the airport outfit?
AMELIA: Comfort is key for the airport! However you always need to look on point, you never know who you could bump into, and I always see someone I know at the airport, and not looking nice on a 8 hour flight to America having them on the same plane, would not be fun! When going abroad, I normally travel in a comfy Maxi dress or jumpsuit, with a cute blazer or denim jacket and sandals and always have my panama hat in my hand. Comfort but Classy!
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 LBD: We have heard all about your style but, have you got any wardrobe items you cannot go anywhere without?
AMELIA: My handbags for sure!! I am an obsessive handbag lover, and have to take at least 3 options wherever I go, so they will match with whatever outfit I decide to wear. A girl can never have to many handbags!
I always like to have some pairs of skinny jeans with me too, normally white or denim, as they always come in handy!
I always keep a pair of sunglasses with me too, come rain or shine, they are always there, who else is going to cover your face when you need to run to the shop after the gym with no makeup on?
 LBD: Okay we have to ask this! If you could make your own Girl Gang who would be your perfect BFF’s?
AMELIA: The Kardashian’s! 100% I’m an avid Kardashian fan, with Khloe being my favourite! So they would definitely be first on my list. But Queen B would have to be in there also, and Im a HUGE Taylor Swift Fan and have been since I was 12. Although, somehow a little bird told me I don't think they would all get on that much if we were in a girl gang! haha!
LBD: Omg who wouldn’t want to be BFF’s with Kardashians. So what would be a typical date night for Mr & Mrs Barton?
AMEILA: Our perfect date night would be an amazing candle light meal at a Steak restaurant (Our favourite is Gaucho Grill ) a bottle (or 2) of Champagne, a Live acoustic band playing, and a delicious desert to finish.  Simple yet Delightful.
You must check out our gals Instagram to see all of her wedding pics they are to die for! See you next Sunday where we interview another babe.
Written by Lauren Grace Collins @laurengcollins